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Düsseldorf - capital and political hub of the federal state of North Rhine -Westphalia- has over 585,000 inhabitants and is situated on the River Rhine. It has a high population density with the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area containing over 10 million inhabitants.

Düsseldorf is known as the centre of the German advertising and fashion industries and in the last few years it has become one of the top telecommunications centres in Germany. It has around 170 national and international financial institutions and about 130 insurance agencies and one of the biggest German stock exchanges.

Düsseldorf faces up to the challenges of migration that are posed by modern society. Diversity has to be seen as a chance.
Working closely with our project partners we want to develop new goals and strategies. We are willing to learn from our international partners and to offer the expertise we have acquired for their benefit. We want to plan proactively and act instead of reacting.

Düsseldorf already is an international city worth loving and living in. All further development of and dealing with our openness in the context of this project will help us on our way to successfully mastering the challenges of the future.
Managing migration and integration is a relevant task for all European cities. However not every single city has do develop an own concept. The definition of Openness and the development of indicators will lead to new awareness in using the chances of migration.
The premises of the different cities may vary, nevertheless common approaches are possible. The concept which shall be developed during this project shall be assistance for other cities and of course for the participants of the project.

The responsible Managing Authority is the Ministry of Building and Transport of the Land North Rhine-Westphalia which has assured its support.
The main interests of the Managing Authority are the definition of what is an Open City, the impact of a successful integration of international populations on a city's attractiveness and competitiveness and at least the question to what extent the results are transferable to other cities in North Rhine- Westphalia.

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