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Vienna is the capital of the Republic of Austria. It is the country's largest city and seat of many international organisations (official UN seat, OSCE headquarters). Its 1.7 million inhabitants live on an area of 414 square kilometers.

About 33 % of the population are people with a migration background. One third of Vienna’s entire urban area is made up of conservation areas, protected landscapes, a national park and similar protection initiatives. Vienna ranks among the cities with the best quality of life.

“In Vienna, as in every other major European city, immigration and diversity form part of everyday life. For effective social cohesion in an urban society it is paramount that politics, administration and civil society openly embrace this diversity. Immigration and a diverse population contribute significantly to a city’s economic, social and cultural success.

Vienna recognises this challenge with its policies in the areas of diversity and integration, which have become indispensable to openly meeting these urban developments”.

DI Rudi Schicker

Executive City Councillor for Urban Development and Transport

Wolfgang Vevera from Municipial Department 27 - EU Strategy and Economic Development will be acting as the Managing Authority for Vienna

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