Markel Redondo

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“I grew up in Bilbao so I feel I know the city well. There have been many changes over the last few years: the Guggenheim Museum has put us on the map, and – like every other city – we’ve experienced substantial inward migration that impacts on us all.”

“For OPENCities I set out to investigate how immigration has affected my city and how it, in turn, has responded to the new opportunities and challenges it faces.”

The OPENCities Faces exhibition third stop was Bilbao. The exhibition was hosted by Zubiarte Shopping Centre December 3 2009- January 4 2010.

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The exhibition made a great impression in Bilbao. Primary and Secondary School children were offered guided tours of the exhibition in English. Markel Redondo, the Bilbao photographer, carried out a photography workshop at Uribarri Primary School. A slide show of some of the photos can be seen here. Coincidentally Uribarri is one of the most multicultural schools in Bilbao and scenes from some of the students’ lives directly feature in the selection of Markel’s OPENCities Faces contribution.

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Radio Euskadi is featuring the OPENCities Faces Soundtrack competition. Recently OPENCities featured on the widely broadcast Boulevard show where Markel and Alex, a migrant living with his family in Bilbao, were interviewed. Interview in Spanish.

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Alain Sancho & Sinfonietta with his track Bilbo begiradan won the Soundtrack for Bilbao competition. The prize-giving ceremony was held at Bilborock including a world music concert by the group Bouhia and the program was aired live by EITB and can be listened to here

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