OPENCities: Faces Exhibition
Düsseldorf International Airport

4th June - 5th July
Private view 4th June 2009

The OPENCities Faces exhibition could be seen until the 5th of July at Düsseldorf International Airport. The Private View was a great success and a vital link was made with local media representatives who were convinced of the project’s special value.

OPENCities Faces photo exhibition has over 100 images telling the story of starting a new life in a new city - the hopes, the fears and migrants ’ lives in sharp focus. Award-winning Düsseldorf - based photographer Liza Nguyen, contributes twelve striking portraits while the rest of the exhibition shows images of migration taken by photographers from 7 other European cities - Belfast, Bilbao, Cardiff, Dublin, Madrid, Sofia and Vienna.

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Dirk Elbers, Lord Mayor of the State Capital of Düsseldorf says:

"In Düsseldorf integration is already being supported socially, culturally, politically and economically. People from all over the world have found a new home here. The photographs in the OPENCities Faces exhibition give impressive evidence of this. Düsseldorf is facing up to the challenges of migration that are posed by modern society".

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Below are a few quotes following the opening event at Düsseldorf International Airport.

"I particularly like that OPENCities tries to sell the opportunities that lie in migration instead of just stressing the problems"
Burkhard Hintzsche, Director Integration, State Capital of Düsseldorf

"Very well chosen and relevant topic for a project”
Denisa Richters, local journalist, Rheinische Post

“A very good opportunity to bring the project to public attention. I think that there is still a lot of potential in OPENCities for Düsseldorf”
Klaus Mauersberger, Chairman of the Council’s Committee for Regional and European Collaboration

“OPENCities is a superb project, and I’m really glad Düsseldorf Police are involved”
Dirk Sauerborn, EO&D Officer, Düsseldorf Police

More photos from the Düsseldorf opening

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