Amy Chang

©  Amy Chang, The British Council

"I guess I'm one of the half million or so migrants who have made Madrid their home in recent years. Every day migrants and Spaniards alike pass each other on the street, shop in each other's stores, and work alongside each other. But migrant culture remains unknown to most Spaniards.

I think cultural understanding will grow as we interact more and more with each other. For OPENCities, I have documented Madrid's recently acquired diversity.

Terminal 4 of Barajas International Airport in Madrid was the temporary home of OPENCities Faces. The exhibition was aptly placed in the arrivals hall of one of the world's busiest airports and over the weeks hosted numerous school visits from across the city sparking debate, ideas and opinions of young people living in Madrid.

©  Amy Chang, The British Council

OPENCities featured on North by Southwest, a collaboration between Radio Nacional de España and the British Council. This English - language radio programme talks about cultural relations between Spain and the UK. The latest programme, programme 8, focused on OPENCities and Madrid. You can listen to the whole series of programs here.

Scroll to the bottom to listen to programme 8, OPENCities and Madrid and find out the central role Madrid Global of Madrid City Council gives OPENCities. Also hear from Amy Chang, Madrid photographer, on her personal approach of documenting the lives of the international population in Madrid.

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