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OPENCities Monitor

The OPENCities Monitor is a new city benchmark developed by BAK Economics on behalf of the British Council. The OPENCities Monitor is a unique collaboration and learning tool to measure city openness, defined as “the capacity of a city to attract international populations and to enable them to contribute to the future success of the city”.

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Advantages of openness

[ID leadership_governance_en]Leadership and Governance[/ID]

Seeks to identify the extent to which agendas have been orchestrated within a select group of case study cities.

Leadership and Governance OPENCities
[ID internationalisation_en]Internationalisation of OPENCities[/ID]

This book deals with the role openness has to foster internationalisation and the wider internationalisation process.

Internationalisation OPENCities
[ID understanding_en]Understanding OPENCities[/ID]

Cities are all different and such difference must be recognised, there are some distinctive aspects for city development.

Understanding OPENCities
[ID managing_diversity_en]Managing Diversity[/ID]

There are a number of different ways to define urban population diversity including, linguistics, birthplace, ancestry, age, gender...

Managing Diversity

The OPENCities Monitor is conducted by BAK. BAK Economics AG (BAK) is an independent Swiss research institute.