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This book deals with the role openness has to foster internationalisation, highlighting lessons that can be learnt on the links between the internationalisation of the population of a city, and the wider internationalisation process.

We ask questions such as:

  • What do we mean by city internationalisation, and what part does openness play?
  • Why do cities seek to become more international and open in their orientation?
  • What is the role of population internationalisation in the process of becoming an international city?
  • What promising practices are cities developing to become more open to international populations, and how do these work?

The case studies include:

City Internationalisation Case Study


International trade promotion


Contact Singapore: Office for International Talent.

Cape Town

Leveraging World Cup 2010 for global talent and social integration.


Tax/quality of life framework for international workers.

We also build upon, and refer to, the case studies of Madrid, Dublin, Amsterdam, Toronto and Auckland, which were featured in our book, 'Understanding OPENCities.'

Download here: Internationalisation of OPENCities (PDF 1.6 Mb)

Download here: Internacionalización de OPENCities (PDF 1.5 Mb)

Download here: Umiedzynarodowienie OPENCities (PDF 1.6 Mb)

Download here: Интернационализация OPENCities (PDF 1.2 Mb)

Download here: Internationalisierung von OPENCities (PDF 1.3 Mb)

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