Leadership and Governance

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	Leadership and Governance

This is the third in a series of four books and focuses on city leadership. City leadership is defined as including elected city leaders, senior staff officials, and the civic leadership of business, institutions, and non-governmental organisations within the city.

Some key points highlighted within the book:

  • Cities are led by teams, not by single individuals.
  • City leadership is not just about managing a given set of direct responsibilities; it is also about agenda setting, co-ordinating, and influencing the actions of others.
  • City leaders are not just responsible for the management of the city and how it performs today but also for the future of the city.

Leadership and Governance seeks to identify the extent to which agendas for internationalisation and openness have been orchestrated within a select group of case study cities. We examine the extent to which city openness has been operationalised or implemented, and what has been learned from the experience.

The intention here is to illustrate key issues and approaches taken, and highlight key themes for future work. We show how some cities have become more open, and the part city leadership and governance has played in that and to act as a stimulus for cities interested in how they might develop an agenda for leadership and governance.

The case studies include:

City Internationalisation Case Study


Strategic urban planning for new international roles.


Spurring migrant entrepreneurs.


Pact for Integration.

Hong Kong

Leveraging World Cup 2010 for global talent and social integration.

Download here:

Liderazgo y Gobernanza (PDF 1.3 Mb).

Leadership and Governance (PDF 1.17 Mb).

Przywództwo i Zarządzanie (PDF 0.9 Mb).

Ръководство и управление Отворени градове (PDF 1.56 Mb).

Leadership und Governance (PDF 1.70 Mb).

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