Understanding OPENCities

Available to download 21 May 2010

Understanding OPENCities

This report is one of 4 being prepared in 2010 by the British Council. Each report covers a key issue that has been developed within the OPENCities project and illustrates it with practical case studies from the cities that are participating in the project and its research, and other cities considered of interest

  • Understanding OPENCities
  • Leadership and Governance of OPENCities
  • Internationalisation of OPENCities
  • Managing Diversity in OPENCities

Understanding OPENCities builds the case for city openness and asks:

  • What are the ingredients necessary to achieve city openness?
  • What are the policies and strategies which are essential or desirable?

Whilst cities are all different and such difference must be recognised, there are some distinctive aspects important for city development and success. One of these is promoting openness in the city features case studies from Madrid, Dublin, Toronto, Auckland, and Amsterdam.

Download here:

Understanding OPENCities (PDF 1.3Mb)

Comprender OPENCities (PDF 922Kb)

Разбиране за ОТВОРЕНИГрадове (PDF 1.3Mb)

OPENCities Verstehen (PDF 1.1Mb)

Zrozumieć OPENCities (PDF 1.9Mb)

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The OPENCities Monitor is conducted by BAK. BAK Economics AG (BAK) is an independent Swiss research institute.